Duna International College

Duna International College was established in 2010 in association with high level professors from Hungarian state universities in order to prepare students who would like to study for a university degree in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic or other European universities. All the programs are offered in English. Since most of the universities have an entrance exam, it is crucial for the students to join a preparatory course and in this respect Duna International College runs preparatory and regular courses for those students who wish to continue their higher education at Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech or other European state universities.

The study programs include Medical sciences (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy & Physiotherapy), Engineering programs, Business, Management & Tourism.


  • website: https://dunacollege.com/
  • landline: +36 1 780 7383
  • mobile phone: +36 20 446 66 44 (available on WhatsApp too)
  • email: admission@dunacollege.com